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Linda is the mom of the group. She keeps a fire under the rest of the team to ensure they all get their jobs done. She’s the bookkeeper, accountant, and does everything and anything that anyone needs help with, from watering the plants to mopping the floors. She takes care of everyone and is a force of stability that grounds the team.She helps the team stay focused and move together in the right direction.


Dave is the managing member. He walks around with the biggest fire extinguisher and puts out all the fires. He’s the glue that holds the team together. He’s level headed, a great relationship builder, and is always listening. He’s methodical, soft spoken, and an excellent evaluator. He’s trustworthy and honest, and everyone’s mentor. He grew up in Castle Rock and graduated from Douglas County High School, just like his son. He worked as a milkman back in the day and operated Beatrice Foods before joining his wife, Linda, in the real estate business. He has built more than 10 successful companies and is invested in the benefit CBD can bring to people’s lives.

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Karen is a creative, outside-the-box thinker and spends the majority of her time behind the computer. You can find her with about 500 tabs open on her computer at one time. She helps the company move forward. She reads everything and researches everything under the sun. Anything the team needs to know, she’ll find it. She works hard to find the right partners who match the ethical commitments of BluPeak. She’s tender hearted and compassionate. She’s committed to creating products that are safe and well-made. 


Eric is more than sales. He can connect with anybody and finds himself in natural conversation with everyone he encounters. He’s kind and funny and always aims to keep the group positive. He’s always interested in learning new things and discovering new ways to operate the business. He worked with his high school best friend, Brandon, to set up the lab and together they tag-team whatever needs to be done from intaking the raw material and stripping the hemp, to making sure everything that leaves the lab is compliant and of the highest quality. He is compassionate, enthusiastic, and always brings a good mood wherever he goes.

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Jess is committed to family. A baker and bakery owner, she’s the master recipe builder and offers the team guidance on formulations and ingredients. She does not cut corners and won’t put anything in the products that she wouldn’t use for her own family. She is committed to a product that is beneficial and healthy. She’s always trying to make everyone happy from the inside out. Her heart is in every one of these products.


When you ask Brandon to talk about his contribution, he won’t know what to say but the rest of the team doesn’t have any trouble boasting about him. He sets the workplace expectations for the team. He’s the first one in everyday and usually the last to leave. He and Eric have been best friends since high school and they have fun working on solving problems together. He worked construction and has high standards for durability, trustworthy and honesty. He’s conscientious about making the most amazing product possible and cares for the equipment in the lab.