Some of the More Frequently Asked Questions at H3L Labs

We provide you with the best-quality products infused with the highest-quality ingredients. We find ourselves working with farmers all over the state of Colorado. We use American Hemp and buy American products to use in our laboratory.

We use our HPLC Chromatography machine which has been calibrated by the finest calibration team in Colorado. We also work with local 3rd party labs to get our tests checked and re-checked.

We offer every level of processing, from toll processing to straight buyout of material. After our solventless CO2 extraction, we are able to extract terpenes separately as well. We are always diligently testing our oils in-house and 3rd party along the way to ensure you are getting the best products.

Yes — we source our CBD from hemp sources derived and grown in the United States from seed stock that is verified to be certified industrial hemp with farmers registered with the proper local departments. We enjoy working with local farmers and other product manufacturers to help stimulate regional economies most notably Colorado and Oregon.

Full-spectrum extract is minimally processed extractions of hemp cannabinoids in the rawest form, containing a full-spectrum of compounds not limited to but including cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and enzymes all working together. Broad-spectrum extract usually refers to a distilled extraction. Taking the full-spectrum extraction, we use our full-bore short path distiller, which allows for the separating of the terpenes, flavonoids, and enzymes from the cannabinoids, leaving a golden oil full of purified cannabinoids.. 

H3L Labs will purchase hemp if we can work out a contract that works for both of us. Please contact us at 303-868-2798 if you have hemp you would like to sell. We have purchased hemp frequently.

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