Experts in the Industrial Hemp Extraction Field

Our Experience

As a team, we have over 50 years of combined experience in sales and customer service.

Our Team is comprised of seasoned, knowledgeable business people from various fields and different backgrounds. We are built on a solid foundation in manufacturing and commercial distribution on a national level. Our backgrounds, strengths, training, passion, and expertise blend to create a team of professionals that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

We are proud of the diversity of our team and we thrive in the CBD hemp industry with a strong ethic and new standard of doing business. Contact us and learn more about H3L Labs!

Quality Equipment Matters

  • State-of-the-art CO2 extraction equipment that is capable of subcritical, supercritical and terpene extractions
  • Complete winterization processes with the two highest-quality Rotary Evaporators available 
  • Utilize equipment designed by the Leader in the field 
  • Implement a short path distillation process to refine a finished product of pure, full-Spectrum cannabinoid-rich oils
  • Use in-house analytical chromatography equipment tests potency before and after processing

Our Lab Operations

H3L is a partner in your success and we set a standard of quality

  • We source legal industrial hemp flower from American Farmers.
  • We work only with farmers who are committed to organic and sustainable standards.
  • We store all our plant material in a temperature-controlled environment.
  • Quality tested – our products are 3rd party independent lab testing facilities.

Our staff chemist directs all phases of the laboratory operations. He also oversees the analysis of cannabinoid containing materials from raw vegetation (biomass) through finished oils (extracted product); including:

  • Responsible for quality assurance 
  • Optimizing yields and GMP standard 
  • Federal and state legal compliance

Photo taken at Dave and Linda Larson’s property in Castle Rock, Colorado.

Pictured from Left to Right:

Dave Larson

Linda Larson

Karen Hunt

Eric Larson

Jess Naylor

Brandon Naylor